Access to banking

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In this video, we show you why you can trust our new Business Bank Account Finder. Our service is impartial and completely ad-free, we don’t get paid for including providers in our service or for making referrals for business current account enquiries.

Opening a business current account

Opening a business current account is an important step for any business. To help you prepare, UK Finance has worked with providers of UK business banking accounts to agree a basic set of information that they will need from you.

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What to expect once all documentation has been provided

On completion of the above the bank will undertake a review of the information provided including relevant security, identity and credit checks.

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What if I remain unhappy with the decision or service?

If you are not happy with a decision a bank has made about your account or a transaction the best first course of action is to speak to your bank. Banks are customer-focused organisations and staff are on-hand to deal with any concerns or queries you may have.

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What happens if the bank decides it needs to close my business account?

At times banks may take a decision to exit or cease a relationship. This decision will not be taken without full consideration from the bank and can be driven by a range of factors.

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