Access to banking

What happens if the bank decides it needs to close my business account?

At times banks may take a decision to exit or cease a relationship. This decision will not be taken without full consideration from the bank and can be driven by a range of factors. A bank might decide to stop services in a certain geographic location; there might be a group policy decision to stop servicing a given sector or market, there might be some form of issue with the performance of the account or there could have been an external action that has meant an account needs to be frozen.

Where possible banks aim to give customers a period of at least 60 days to be made aware of this decision and provide support to enable the customer to find an alternate option.

Occasions when such notice is not available will generally be linked to a sanctions issue, legal issue such a court order, or a potential criminal offence has occurred.

If exiting of the account service is necessary and a business has any questions then the first point of reference should be your relationship manager, or, if needed, the complaints section named above.