The Business Finance Guide

BBF is pleased to be a partner in the new Business Finance Guide – a journey from startup to growth, which sets out the main things to consider and outlines sources of finance available to businesses – ranging from start-ups to SMEs and growing mid-sized companies.

This unique guide, devised for businesses and advisers by the ICAEW Corporate Finance Faculty together with the British Business Bank, is supported by 21 major professional, membership and representative organisations.

It draws on the considerable expertise of its many contributors, who together represent more than a million members in businesses, finance providers, advisory firms and organisations.

The guide also includes several tools and ideas, as well as explanatory videos to help businesses consider their options, make decisions and plan how they will finance expansion.

British Business Bank CEO Keith Morgan and David Petrie Head of Corporate Finance, ICAEW talk about the business finance guide and how it can help smaller business make more informed funding decisions. Watch below.

Download The Business Finance Guide.

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