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How a mentor can help

Britain’s largest banks have joined forces to support a network of business mentors across Britain. is the UK’s first specialist online portal for businesses looking for mentoring services.

How can I get a mentor?

If you are a new start-up taking the first steps, an existing business looking for finance, or just want to improve your business acumen, Mentorsme can help. They will be happy to talk through the kind of support you need and introduce you to the right mentor to provide that support.

What are the benefits?

Independent business experts can play an invaluable role in any business. They draw upon their personal experience and networks to offer support, act as sounding boards, and open up new sources of contacts and facilitators.

Who are the business mentors?

Mentors are made up of both current and retired bank employees working voluntarily through independent, established, non-profit mentoring organisations. The majority have worked (or still do) as Relationship Managers, but staff from all areas of operations have been recruited to ensure you have access to specialist skills such as marketing and HR.

Are bank mentors properly qualified?

All business mentors complete a training programme run by the independent UK Skills Sector Body for Enterprise and Business Support (SFEDI). Their extensive training covers communication, legislation, health and safety issues, funding and accounts, market research, customer service and marketing.

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