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Santander - Inward Investors

The Santander Group has built up an International Desk in every country where the bank has a corporate presence in order to support foreign companies entering into the UK market. The International Desk also supports customers of Santander doing business abroad.

The desk is a multilingual team that understand the market and is able to connect companies looking to set up operations in the UK with the right contacts.

Our support

The Santander UK International Desk understands customers’ requirements and circumstances. It is also able to connect companies with the relevant contacts to help them to succeed in the UK market.

Once the account is opened, the team can provide assistance in English, Spanish and Portuguese, with additional languages to be added in the near future.

The Santander Group has also launched Passport, which is a guarantee of the same level of service across all the geographies for international customers of the group.

The Santander International Desk uses a streamlined account opening process in order to make the experience as smooth as possible for companies. The team is highly experienced in dealing with international companies and fully aware of their requirements. This means that they can provide fast answers and accurate information.

Santander has specialised international services in Spain, Portugal, Poland, Australia and US. We are also broadening our services out to other countries including India, UAE, China and Canada.

We will support any company, no matter where they come from, although requirements might differ.

Contact us:

For help and support with the above process please contact

Businesses can also contact our International Desk Service Centre on 0208 947 5447

For further guidance please see


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