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Barclays was the first UK bank to have a specialist Technology, Media & Telecoms Team. Our relationships with the leading businesses across Technology, Media and Telecoms ensure our understanding of your needs and enable us to stay ahead of this continually evolving sector. Our clients include:

  • over 60% of software and computer service businesses in the FTSE350
  • 80% of the leading European data centre businesses4
  • the top five broadcasters
  • the majority of the global Marketing Services networks

We recognise that this sector is diverse, and that the businesses within it have different needs. To be more closely aligned to your specific requirements, our Relationship Directors have a dedicated focus on their specific industry.

As one of our Technology, Media and Telecoms clients, we can also offer you valuable contacts through our relationships with leading trade associations, major industry bodies and the trade press; regular networking opportunities, industry events and sponsorships such as Tech Track 100; in-depth analysis of industry trends from our in-house research team.

Overview of Bank’s focus on TMT sector:

Our Technology Expertise
The Technology sector is fast-paced and continually evolving. Our dedicated Relationship Directors are familiar with the complexity and competitiveness, and will work closely with you to meet your specific business requirements.

  • Software – we offer finance to producers of bundled and/or unbundled software applications, for business and consumer use
  • Data Centres – we are market leaders for UK data centre finance, currently working with more businesses than any other bank4
  • IT Services – from data processing to web design, we cover providers of computer and internet-related services to businesses and consumers

Our Media Expertise
We were the first UK bank to have a dedicated Media team. Over 20 years later, we work with the top five broadcasters, 45% of the top 40 independent TV companies and the majority of the global Marketing Services networks. We have gained valuable knowledge, experience and contacts that can benefit your business.

  • Television Production – we can lend against broadcast and distribution contracts through TV production finance
  • Publishing – numerous publishers bank with us in both B2B or B2C and across the newspaper, magazine and book sub-sectors
  • Marketing Services – covering industries from advertising to digital marketing banking, we have relationships with many of the global and independent Marketing Services networks
  • Music – we work with clients in the live and recorded sectors, ranging from promoters to collection agencies, labels, publishers and more
  • Film – we are able to finance film production companies

Our Telecoms Expertise
With 10 years providing a dedicated Telecoms team, the complexity and competitiveness of your sector is something we’re very familiar with, and we understand the finance you need to grow within it.

  • Network Operators – we have relationships with most of the network operators in the UK
  • Service Providers – we provide the finance to telecoms service providers nationwide
  • Hosting – we provide tailored finance to a wide range of hosting businesses

Products and Services offered to businesses within the sector:

We recognise the unique challenges and opportunities you face in your sector, and we understand the finance you need to grow within it.

We can meet both your day-to-day banking needs and longer-term financial requirements through finance drawn from across Barclays, including:

Corporate and Acquisition Finance
Fund growth and acquisitions in confidence with the support of our specialist finance team.

Cash Management
Optimise your working capital with products that enable you to efficiently manage funds, payments and collections.

Foreign Exchange
Reduce the risk of the exchange rate volatility and benefit from our sector professionals who can offer you products that meet your FX requirements.

Term Loan
Receive finance over a specified period for general business needs

Fast Growth Technology Lending
Finance for VC backed technology companies, with annual growth >20% per year

TV Production Loans
Funding against broadcast and distribution contracts through TV production finance

Working Capital
Ease cashflow fluctuations with a range of products that can support you in covering everyday expenses or planning for growth.

To find out more speak to our sector specialist:

Lorraine Ruckstuhl – Co-Head of the Technology, Media & Telecoms Team
Lorraine is the co-head of the Technology, Media &Telecoms team at Barclays. Lorraine has over 20 years’ experience of corporate and investment banking. Before joining the TMT team, she spent five years in Debt Finance at Barclays, arranging and providing acquisition finance and term debt facilities to a variety of corporates. Before that she spent seven years as a Relationship Director working with large UK and European based media clients.

To find out what Lorraine’s team can do for your business, email Lorraine or call our dedicated team on 0800 015 4242

Some examples of businesses helped by Barclays in the sector:

Case Study - Essence
Essence is at the cutting edge of a dynamic industry, providing international digital marketing solutions to some of the world’s leading companies.

Case Study - MedicAnimal
MedicAnimal is a London-based online pet healthcare retailer, selling pet products including prescription medicines, pet food and accessories.

Case Study - Kano
Established in 2012 by three Co-Founders, Kano is a new kind of computer company. Inspired by a Co-Founder’s son, the team wanted to design a computer that was as easy to assemble as building blocks.