Case Study

A design agency growing overseas

A design agency growing overseas

“We specialise in design, operating in a wide range of markets, working for governments, NGOs, private corporate clients, and a whole range of other types of companies.”

It can take a long time for the money to arrive from invoices and this affects cash flow. For MET Studio, exporting overseas adds an extra pressure to the cash flow cycle.

“We were looking at ways to fund our business. Do we use a factoring company; do we use the bank? What ways can we do this?

We spoke to quite a few different companies, but MarketInvoice is the one that gives us the most flexibility and control - a comfort zone that allows us to carry on what we’re doing, running our business the way we do, in the knowledge that they’ve got our backs when we need it most.”

For more information on how MarketInvoice can help your business visit their “How It Works” page where you can also request a demo with one of their Funding Specialists.