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Barclays - Inward Investors

Barclays are able to support companies coming to the UK seeking specific inward investor services. We have a dedicated Network Referrals Unit which assists with the on-boarding of both resident and non-resident companies.

We have no minimum turnover criteria, and can assist businesses of all sizes from SMEs to Global Corporates. The one overarching requirement for all accounts is that they are for the purposes of UK-based business.

Our services:

  • Resident referrals or non-resident referrals with a physical presence in the UK will be allocated to a local business banking team. Companies without a physical presence in the UK will be on-boarded by a specialist team in Central London.
  • Referrals from large corporates (local turnover of £5M plus) will be routed to specialist sector teams within Corporate Banking as will any referrals for UK subsidiaries of global corporates (local turnover of £100M plus).

Non-resident companies (this includes UK registered companies where the key business decision makers are non-UK domiciled) require additional account opening documentation to support their case as these are assessed by a specialist on-boarding team. Barclays will advise you of what this documentation is based on your individual circumstances.

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